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Princess With Unicorn 2 Same as usual full of life. Did you know that she was colored? We knew. How long? We knew. That’s enough, isn’t it? I see. I understand you’ve just won a scholarship that takes you abroad. Of course, you won’t leave till all this is settled, will you? Don’t worry. He’ll be staying here. All right, Dad. I can answer for myself. Is that all, Superintendent? There are the children. I must get their tea. Why, of course, Mrs. Farr. Superintendent? Hadn’t you better advertise for the fellow that drove Davy back from Cambridge? I don’t want any slime sticking to my son, you know. We have that in hand, Mr. Harris. You say this man dropped you at the post office. Did anyone see you at that time of night on Saturday? I don’t know. Yes. Yes, Jack Ferris. He saw me, Dad. The local constable. You wouldn’t call him a liar, I suppose. LfJohnny Turnbull trod on your feet, he didn’t mean to. Little boys are clumsy dancers. It wasn’t your feet he trod on. Oh, Mummy, he’s always stumbling. I hate dancing classes. Last week, you loved them. Hello. Good day, Mrs. Farr. Good day. Thank you. There’s angel cake for tea. Ooh, good! They knew she was colored then. Yes. But the point is when. And that’s a very important point. Find anything upstairs? No, nothing. All his clothes were clean and put away. Hmm. Pretty rocky alibi of young Harris’s. Familiar motive too. It’s all too pat for my liking. You know, if he’d married that girl, he probably couldn’t have taken up that scholarship. It wouldn’t carry a grant for a wife. Hmm. Are we gonna have a word with this local constable What’s his name, Ferris? Yes, right away. Yes, sir. I did see young Harris walking home on Saturday night. What time was that? Oh, as near : as makes no difference. And he was coming from the post office? From that direction, sir. What sort of people are the Harrises? Oh, very respectable, sir. Cut above the average. Mrs. Harris was a schoolteacher. How long have they known the girl was colored? What? Yes, she was, you know. Ooh, I shouldn’t have thought they knew that at all, sir.