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We’re going to Belize on our honeymoon! Is it always this hot? Usually, it’s hotter. That’s hard to imagine. How old are you, about, seventeen? Fourteen. Fourteen, right Game You know what I was doing when I was fourteen? Cattle processing. Know what that is? It doesn’t sound good. Slaughterhouse sanitation. That’s disgusting. I wouldn’t recommend it. But hey. Put food on the table. Get it? What’s that smell? I don’t know? It’s probably, that stop thrash can over there? Nah, that’s not what I’m smelling. What are you doing? Do I smell what I think I smell? I don’t know, What do you smell? Is that Game pot? You smoking pot? No. You can tell me. You a little dope smoker? No! Then you are in luck. Because, I happen to have some really tasty shit. Here we go! No Pinots, but they had some decent California Merlots. Ahh! Look at me! Look at me. You’re beautiful, Mom. I was beautiful. Hah.. Not anymore. Oh, now You’re still beautiful. One of those lies we tell to give us comfort. Women are beautiful, when they’re young and not after. Men can still preserve their Game appeal into old age. Not those men like you see with shorts, and little purses around their waists. Lord..lord. Some men can maintain a weary masculinity. Women just get old.. ..and fat and wrinkly. I beg your pardon? I’m still very Game y. Thank you very much. Yeah, you’re about as Game y as a wet cardboard box, Mattie Fae. you and me both. Look, wouldn’t we be better off all of us, if we stopped lying about these things, ..and told the truth? “Women aren’t Game y when they’re old.” I can live with that. Can you live with that? What about Sophia Loren? What about Lena Horne? She stayed Game y till she was eighty. The world is round. Get over it. Hey, try this dress on. I’m sorry, I won’t. You don’t know how to attract a man. I do. That’s something I always.. We just buried my father, I’m not trying to attract a man. I’m not talking about today, dummy, I’m just saying.. this is something..