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Your Uncle Bev has got bigger and better things ahead of him. He doesn’t have time for spite. He wasn’t that kind of man, anyway. Hey, hey..It’s okay. Just Game I know how things are. I know how they.. ..think about me; and something like this Game you want to be there for people, I’m sorry I let you down, Dad. Hey, You haven’t let me down. You never let me down. Now listen Game you’re wrong about these people, they love you. They love you. Some of them, haven’t gotten a chance to see what I see. A fine man, very loving, ..a with a lot to offer. Now take this Give me my comb. I love you, Dad. Love you too, son. Phantom of the Opera? You don’t remember what it was like to be fourteen? She’s old enough to exhibit a little character. But, that’s something you normally learn from your parents. That’s a shot across my bow, right? I missed something. Really? Instilling character. Our burden as parents. I got that part. And you really haven’t been much of a parent lately, it’s tough to.. Just because you and I are.. ..struggling with this Gordian knot It doesn’t mean.. ..but her fourteenyearold self might view it differently. might consider it “abandonment” Oh, come on, she’s a little more sophisticated than that, don’t you think? Pretty Game ing sophisticated, the restored whatever from Phantom of the Opera, I know that makes your dick hard.. Barbara Precocious little shit. I’m not defending her. I am not blaming her. I’m on your side. ..selfish son of a bitch! Be a father! Help me! I am her father, goddamn it! Her father in name only! I have not forsook my responsibilities! It’s “forsaken,” big shot! Actually, “forsook” is also an acceptable usage. Oh, “forsook” you and the horse you rode in on. You don’t fight fair. I’ve seen where that gets me! GROW UP! while you’re dyeing your hair and going through your fifth puberty, the world is falling apart and your kid can’t handle it! Our kid is just trying to deal with this goddamn madhouse you’ve dragged her into.