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Puppy My Love No, they don’t. It’s hideous, absolutely hideous. So, I just I wanna pray just for the you know, for the children that have been lost. We ask for healing for these mothers that are the ones choosing to do this. This, well, this just feels like evil here. Good morning, Doctor Hern. Good morning, how are you today? Good. Did you have the first patient set up? Yeah, please, hmm. Isn’t it ridiculous that people get together to smoke marijuana in a public place, to see what it does to your brain? You know, for most people it doesn’t matter. So, how are you feeling? Yeah, much better. Yeah. I’m glad that it’s done. Uhumm Game And I feel relieved that I can put what happened behind me Right. and move on with my life. Uhhm. When did you first start thinking you might be pregnant? When I missed my first period about weeks ago. And I just pretended I was so stressed out from it that it was just stress that was causing the miss it. and I didn’t wanna face the reality. Right Game and then I did. Did you report this to the police or anything? No I never reported it to the police. But I have been seeing a counselor and she said I need to go. You should report it. Yeah Game The person that raped you committed a crime and that’s not okay. It’s not acceptable and it’s this person can’t be permitted to do that to you or to anybody else. I’d be mortified, too, if I found out he did it to someone else, later on. Exactly, even if that weren’t true, you need to have justice. Yeah. You know, if you need any help, you know, you just let me know. Okay. That you were here and you needed to have this done. Okay, thank you, that means a lot to me. You bet, okay Game Okay, I will report it. So you’re gonna come here for your follow up exam? Yup, in a month. Well, you have a safe trip home. I will Game Okay. Think you better stay out of slopes for the next few weeks, even though that might be some Game I will. Thank you so much. You’re welcome, you have a safe trip home, okay? I will Game Alright. When I was in medical school, I loved delivering babies.