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Puzzled Donkey Okay, the third day, we’re going to be giving you a drug that’s going to induce contractions. Sometimes the delivery will happen very quickly sometimes it takes many hours. But bottom line is you’re gonna go through a labor and delivery. Okay, so you need to be in, psychologically prepared for that. Alright? Part of reason that we do abortions this way, is because we want to preserve the integrity of your reproductive organs. We want you to be able to have kids in the future. To us that’s a no brainer, right? We wanna, we wanna be sure that you can, that you can have a family when you wanna have a family. So, I would like you to kind of not worry about that anymore. Alright, so did you wanna go ahead and schedule an appointment? Okay. So I’ll do the procedure in two and I’ll meet you in four. Okay. Okay? Thank you. So, this is Monica. But she’s got a lethal fetal condition. Right, yes, yes, she’s very sad. And she says, I want this baby, I want this baby. So, can you tell me a little bit about, you know, when you first found out about this anomaly and how you reacted to that, and a little bit about the history of this pregnancy? Well, I was already going on weeks, umm, but the MRI came back with what’s called which is Game That’s fatal, isn’t it? fatal in a lot of ways. There’s no way, A, to say when, it could be inutero. It could be a stillborn. He would have a very short term life, full of shunts, surgeries and seizures until he would pass. So, all the doctors that I talked to said that he’s not a viable child. and, umm, that he would eventually just be vegetated and the most loving thing I could do is to let him go now. We just didn’t wanna have to make the choice later ’cause I don’t know if I could. Say, to not ventilate him, or to not do something to save him, Seeing him then, so I just couldn’t Game I don’t think I could make that choice then. So, I didn’t wanna have him suffer anymore than he had to. And that is really the important that he had somewhat of a dignified birth. You know, that wasn’t just, you know, the fact that we have the option to spend