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Rabbit Farmer 2 Durst has been arrested in Galveston and he’s murdered his, his neighbor or something. And it was like, “Holy shit! Can this be our Bob Durst?” The fact that Morris Black had been murdered in Galveston was not something that would have garnered any attention at our end. It was only when they made the connection to Robert Durst. CAZALAS: You find out that he belongs to one of the richest families in New York City. But that’s not strange enough, the guy’s also suspected in his wife’s disappearance in New York. MAN: Robert Durst first made headlines after he reported his wife missing in . And to this day, the case remains unsolved. The family of Kathleen Durst, from the beginning, had said they believed Robert Durst was responsible. He had always maintained his innocence. Family sources tell News Channel Robert Durst relocated to Galveston, Texas, but they were unsure what he was doing there. WOMAN: How many office buildings does the Durst Organization currently own? Nine. And can you tell me what those office buildings are? Third Avenue, Third Avenue, East nd Street, Avenue of the Americas, Avenue of the Americas, Four Times Square, Avenue of the Americas, Avenue of the Americas, and West th Street. Most defendants charged with murder show up at their arraignment, OK? Did I expect him to be there? Of course I did. I wanted to eyeball this guy. I wanted to size him up. CAZALAS: Robert was due to be in court at : a.m. And he was a noshow. He decided to run. In the search for Robert Durst, a lawyer is asking him to surrender. Attorney Michael Kennedy made an appeal to him to turn himself in. KENNEDY: Robert, if you see this or hear this, please come home. You have loved ones who care about you here in New York. Your family is solidly, unifiedly behind you. The Trust has the wherewithal to pay for your legal defense. WOMAN: The press reported that you had hired a bodyguard to protect yourself against Robert Durst. Is that true? That is true, yes. MAN: Objection. WOMAN: Did you believe your life was threatened by Robert Durst?