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Rainbow Cute Super Style 2 hness. Half his problem is his guilt. If he can face it, then there’s a lot of scope for improvement. Maybe game he can walk again. No need to give Shekhar false expectations, doctor. We left no stone unturned in his care. And we never will. I am his doctor, your highness. I cannot lose hope of him getting better again. You’re not convinced, I understand. But as long as I am here, I’ll do the best I can. Call Dr. Shetty. Mom! Give me the phone! Calm, Mili. Calm down. Ram Sevak. Why would I call if it wasn’t urgent? He’s out of town. When is he coming back? Shekhar uncle, wait. Three weeks!! Oh, come on. Mili. Mili. Move, Ramu uncle, I want to talk to my patient. You can’t run, so you’ll have to listen to me. Maybe I am just another doctor for you game game but for me, my patients are not just my job. If you’re stubborn, then so am I. What does this mean that you don’t want to get well? If you don’t want to get well, then why call me? Look game you have another son, and a daughter. At least try for their sake. I understand that the Queen is not an easy woman to live with. But what else can the poor woman do? She has to handle everything game game and you’re having an affair with this chair. You’re living with a year old story, your Majesty! As long as I am here, I’ll wait for you until o’clock. Final? Now you may go. She is right, dad. If brother Ambar was alive game game he too would’ve said the same thing. I think I said too much! No, no, you did the right thing. These people never talk to each other. Anyway, forget it. What’s done is done. So, tell me game what’s happening? You tell me! How’s junior Rathore? He is a royal bore. Actually game he’s a little sweet too. I called him a frog. He’ll have a change of heart, note it. Manju, you have a onetrack mind. Have fun, bye. Bye. The horse moves two and half steps. Check game game and mate. Yes! game game game Enough! Nonsense. You’ve been doing for the last two days. You’ll have to do today. Good morning, papa. Good morning Hi, Viku. Look, my son’s here. Let me go now.