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Just hold on to something. Barrick! Don’t look, sweetheart. Come on, girl. You can do it. Come on. Come on. Christ. Sit down. You sit down! Sit down! I’ll sit down. Caroline? Caroline? Caroline, can you hear me? How’d we do? When the HAARP went off, it sent an E.M.P. pulse sideways and upwards. Power’s out. Systems are down. We didn’t disconnect in time. No, we did Games but I don’t think it mattered. The brunt of it hit right here where we are at. How’s the rocket? Structurally, sound. If we can get the iridium cases from the Osprey, we’re good to launch. However Games without power, we’re dead in the water. What about wave kinetic energy harvesters or solar cells? Well, mechanically, they are sound, but the batteries used for storing the energy is fried. So we have no way of storing the energy we harvest? What about direct power from the harvesters? The current generator is too weak. So what you’re saying is that we can generate energy, but we have no way of storing it? Yes, that’s correct. What about our target? Have you heard anything from Osprey? Not yet. We’re working on backup communications as we speak. Good. We need to get Shaw on the horn. Vestron Station’s not responding. What does that mean? Probably that they took an E.M.P. hit. What about Dr. Nichols? We’re gonna have to ride the wave out. We’ll fetch her after. Tell me you’ve ridden waves out like this before. Not like this. Definitely not like this. We need more power! Go and check the fuel lines. You night have to pump it manually. No, I’ll go. You need Shaw here. I’ll go. Got some problem with your throttle. Boost it manually! Come on. Better get secured. Okay. Yes! Put your arm through. Okay. Just Games Get this round. Get this round. Get this round. Get this round. Get this round. Get this round. Okay. That’s it. That Games Okay. Shaw, I need more power! It’s maxed out! There we go. There we go. There we go. Come on. Yeah! Come on, girl. Come on! Yeah! Yes! Yes! Good job, girl. I’ve spotted her! She’s in the water! Back of the boat! Yeah.