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Rainbow Dash Super Style 2The paper has been sold. I know. Divorce is a very evil thing, Nora. Down from my Olympian heights, I come game humbly. I’m gonna make a decent woman of you again, Nora. Yes, dear. Yes, dear. We’ll go on a second honeymoon. We never had a first. No, I’m leveling, baby. There’s no more paper. Travel. That’s what we’ll do. Europe, south America, everywhere. No worry about expense. I am loaded. So I noticed. I mean money. More money than we’ve ever had in our lives. I was paid off for being a good boy. Ed. Listen, You shouldn’t have come here. It won’t work out. Yeah. Not bad copy. Not bad at all. How is the advertising business? You know, you were right to quit the newspaper. Now, you’ve got something you can depend on. Something legitimate. I went to a wake tonight. Saw the light, sister. Hallelujah. Why should I fight? For what? The publishers don’t care about the paper. The paper doesn’t care about me. I don’t care about anybody except you. Haven’t I met him somewheres before? Just now, in the living room. Oh, yeah. Fight. What with? I’m an employee, not a stockholder. Maybe I should have taken it to the readers. Ah, what do they care? You gotta have an issue for that. Redhot story. Nora? Right here, darling. “Right here, darling.” I don’t have to think about anybody but us. Yes, dear. You know, we’ll have some great times together like we used to. Remember that time in Saranac when everybody thought we weren’t married, So we went out and got married? For the second time. And the fishing trips we never went on. And the hunting trips I promised you. We’ll make ’em all this time. Yes, dear. How I went up to Reno to try to stop the divorce. What was that you charged me with? Incompatibility. Incompatibility. Huh, that was a lie. They know where to reach you? Oh, I don’t have to account to anybody. Yes, dear. I don’t like him. I’ll think of a reason later. Good night, dear. City desk. What? Oh. Hold it. Okay, go ahead. When did this happen? What time is it now? Six what? :. Where’d it happen? Did you call the hospital? Are they sending an ambulance? Okay.