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I never thought I’d say this at my age, but Game I want a divorce. Games Yes? Games Can I bother you for a second? You already have. I just wanted to know if my mother called you. Why would your mother call me? No reason. Sorry. Can you tell me what possessed you to get married at the age of ? Who told you that? Rumours move faster than any of you girls. Are you married? Divorced. Three times. You get over it. Do what you have to, the rest will come. That’s how it is. How do you do it? Listen, you’re very nice, sweetheart, but I’m busy. If you were looking for my approval, you’ve got it. If you needed a pep talk, well done. And if you were looking to waste five minutes of my life, mission accomplished. THE ANSWER DOES NOT LIE IN A COOKIE Well, that’s it. I did some research online. I found information about the process. I don’t want us to have to pay for a lawyer or anything. Well, thanks for doing that. No problem. It doesn’t take long on the Net. We just have to determine the reason for the divorce. I wasn’t unfaithful. I didn’t beat you either. All that’s left is Game Well, the only other option is Game we can get divorced because we don’t live together anymore. But we do live together. Yeah, that’s the thing. I’m going back to Quebec City. But don’t worry. I’ll keep paying rent till you find something else. Is that OK? Have you had time to discover Montreal? The view, the weather Game I explore different areas when I go jogging. I’m settling in. What’s next for you? That’s not really up to me. I get the feeling people expect me to say the word “Olympics. “ But the only word that comes to mind is “run. “ it’s hard to believe in yourself. To believe in destiny on top of that Game I can’t control everything, but there are some things I can. Like running. That’s all me. It’s hard to find anything else that has the same effect on me. What’s that? Are you going to wear that while you run today? I’m supposed to. Are you all right? On your mark! SARAH PREFERS TO RUN Translation by Josh Beitel