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Machete kills. That’s what he does! He doesn’t save the bad guys! Now shoot that motherer! If he dies, you die. The missile is wired to his heart. Come again? Machete, can it be disarmed? Only where it was made. VozTech. VozTech is the biggest weapons supplier to our military! You want to bring him all the way back to the ing manufacturer? I need your help getting him across the border. This is part of something big. I can feel it. Not happening. Last time I sent a black op team into Mexico, they got dead and I got the Oval ass Game . You’re on our own, Machete. We cannot help you until you’re out of Mexico. You hear me? Get the hell out of there as fast as you can! Machete, double Game time it to the border. I’ll assist you as much as possible, but you’ve got to move your ass! Oh, what happened? You don’t remember? I have this condition, I’m afraid. I seem to switch personalities unexpectedly. You tried to kill yourself. You strapped a bomb to your chest. Then it seems events are already in motion. I am Marcos Mendez, leader of the revolution. And you are? Machete. Oh, Machete. I’ve heard of you. People sing songs about you Game We’ve had this talk already. Come on, get up. I didn’t hurt anyone, did I? You had Cereza killed. Then I’m a monster and I must die. Let’s go. I will lay down my life for the cause. And if you choose to remain in my company, I fear you will become its casualty, as well. Come on. Should’ve kept up with your Spanish there, son. Sounds like we may be able to string up this piñata after all. Let’s get on it, Clebourne. Sounds like bean Game fried Pedros are back in season. Come on! You wouldn’t happen to have a Popsicle I could stick up my ass, would you? A martini. Extra dirty. Two olives. All we have is tequila and Chango. Right. For a moment there, I forgot I was in a black hole of sophistication. Chango it is. Although, your limited selection of Mexican beer is not what brings me here. So what does? You do, Carlos. But it can’t be. They say you don’t have a face.