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And they’re gonna wipe out your entire race! Chris! Chris! You gonna want to hear this. Soon, we’ll be deploying the greatest assault in our world’s history. Against a threat like never before. Early this morning we received a transmission from United States Marine Captain James Wheeler. In it, he told us that they are holding several civilians captive. Lindsey. But he also told us how to fight them. Where we can take this battle to their doorstep and make them wish that they never stepped on to our planet. Captain Wheeler and his squad gave their lives for this information. And now it’s our turn to honor their sacrifice. This isn’t about politics, or national interests or protecting resources. This is a struggle for all mankind to survive. And we will! We will survive. Now and forever. And the universe will know that this… this is our world! Two teams will fight simultaneously. Assault and Rescue. Assault will be travelling to the alien rock outside of our atmosphere. We will focus our attack on the designated marked target. A clean shot should blow it from its core. As for Rescue… Colonel. We capture one of the alien craft. We’ll take the civilians via weaponized portal, immediately transporting them back to their home planet. Rescue, you’ll move heavily armed, eliminating any hostiles on site… retrieve any civilians back to the portal. Let’s teach this brave new world the meaning of fear. I’m trying, baby. Are you ready? Let’s do this. Dad, will you help me? The SI ‘s are fueled up and ready. Space. It will be a new part of experience for me. Don’t get lost up there, Colonel. We’re counting on you. Yes, sir. Okay, I almost got it. You might feel a tingling sensation. Eagle Star . Fighters all in. Locked on **. Roger! What the hell? Anyone else coming? More coming. Let’s get our bearings and keep pushing forward. Looks like it up there. Okay, listen up. We’re heading to their compound. We’re going in loud. Heavy gunners, I want you blasting the living hell out of everything that is inhuman. Ready? Let’s move up!