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I heard Ah San married a beautiful mainland woman It’s good fora women to be pretty, but he should be careful thatshe doesn’tcheat him outof his money How come you’re so good atworrying? It’s your birthday next month They will come back to see you When will Song Ling come back? She’ll come back when she’s done studying You Games finally saved up some money, and you give it to yourchild to study and it’s gone You’ll be in trouble when you’re old Why should a girl study so much? Tell her to go earn money Orelse to get married Or to go join a convent Thank goodness you still have a son But he hasn’t taken a wife yet Go look afteryourstore I’m purposely staying here fora bit In a bit, I’ll go back outand see if any money is missing It’s so cold! How did you get this sun-burned? From work Why didn’tyou puton sunscreen? So co d Stop moving around Does that feel good? Feels good I’m ticklish! I’m ticklish! No, I get ticklish Stop moving around No You get ticklish too Whatare you doing? That’s it foryou! You iced me! Hello? Mom, what is it? Did you close the doorand the windows and turn off the stoves? Yes, I did all that How come you’re outof breath? I’m notoutof breath You’re notsleeping yet? Yes, I’m sleeping yes okay okay, bye bye Why are you laughing? Hello? No Probably around i Yes Okay Okay Yes Alright, bye-bye Song Hai You’ve recently transformed from the unfashionable to the model Yes, am I handsome? So handsome Then, does the unfashionable want to ask me out to coffee tonight? Sorry, I already have a date. No time Did you actually geta boyfriend ora girlfriend? It it’s a boyfriend, introduce him to me It it’s a girlfriend, then you can save it Hello? Hello? Ling? I justcame back from a wedding reception How do I know where he ran off to? I dont’t know what he’s been busy with lately either If was yourdad’s student, Wang De Fu Do you still remember Uncle Wang? He gota daughter-in-law today I’m telling you, that bride probably already has one in herstomach I can’t be bothered with other people’s business I think