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It’s gone from just a couple of figures armed with a weapon, to scenes, entire battles, D-Day landing, Normandy Invasion. There’s invasions of Fallujah, there’s modern military Marines, there’s modern army. You need an M. It’s an iconic weapon. This started as a hobby, and I never thought that this would turn into something that could be a worldwide phenomenon. The LEGO world is so adaptable, it’s so modular, that LEGO doesn’t get to decide. We get to decide how we want to build with those elements. GUNSHOTS EXPLOSIONS Cut! Come on, guys, put some life into it. You’re so stiff. Okay, let’s just take five then. Amateurs. All right, where was I game Oh, right. Narrator guy! Okay, the LEGO system has proven it’s a great thing for play, but can it be used for more serious endeavors? There’s people around the world using LEGO as a tool as much as a toy. Cut to: Exterior Establishing shot. Boise, Idaho. We’re in my mom’s garage, and we’re making my film Melting Point. It’s a stop-motion animated film made with LEGO bricks. Jonathan Vaughan and Matt Cohen met at film school in Los Angeles, but they both dropped out because they were frustrated by the scale of projects they could do. I used to think that LEGOs were just for kids until I met Jonathan and got a telescope into the LEGO brick filming community. With brick films, you’re uninhibited. If he needs a -mile highway to shoot a car chase, he builds the -mile highway. Whatever he thinks of, he builds it and he does it. To get somebody to walk, like, five feet, you have to take frames every second of that walk. So you have to move them in just little millimeter increments. JONATHAN: It’s incredibly tedious. There’s nothing else I’ve ever done that takes this long. MATT: But when you’re working with minifigs, you don’t have to deal with agents or egos, or anything that befalls working with regular actors. They’re great. If I want to do a -hour day, they don’t complain. No overtime. Jonathan’s creating one of his sets for his movie. They’re doing the work in the garage.