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Ranch Clean Up Time 3 We just skim off the top. No one’s gonna know the difference. And then the rest, we can give to a legitimate charity. I already know one. It’s called living water. This would really help them. Real noble, Sam. Will that bonus top off your tuition? I’m not even thinking about that right now. Okay, yeah, all right. It would, okay? But you guys got to think bigger than this. This could be great for all of us. Ty, I know you don’t want to be someone’s coffee bitch all summer. Become an intern for project get Wells soon. Baker, what are you gonna do after graduation? Huh? You want to kill yourself at someone’s desk job, or do you want to get paid to come have a wild time with us? It’s stealing. I don’t know, Sam. Baker, trust me. Okay. Guys, I think we can do a lot of good with this one. Okay, why are you so into this? Why do you always think I have ulterior motives? Huh? There’s a lot of good I want to do in this world. Okay, full disclosure: I lost all my summer rent money. If I ask my dad for any more, he’s gonna make me work for him, and I just can’t have that. So technically, it is my only option, but it is a plan I believe in. It’s a good plan. Great plan. Great plan. Great plan. Look, dude, if you don’t trust me, if you’re not feeling it, that’s fine, I’ll stop talking about it. All I’m asking is, give me one good reason why the hell not. Hell is why not. Sam! Tyler, you game come on, dude. You’d better write me one hell of a recommendation. Hey, could one of y’all just turn off the sun, please? I heard you won big last night. Could I see your bag real quick. I know I’m throwing a lot at you guys, but any questions you have should be answered in those packets. Oh, um game Those are just the tour policies you agreed to. You’re strict about the noalcohol policy? Definitely. That’s good, definitely. Okay, so this will be your typical green room. This one kind of sucks, but every place is different. This is where we’ll get your makeup and microphone on beforehand. Guys, this is awesome. Dude, it’s a microwave.