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in a few minutes I’ll be trying to eat your brains. Well, the joke’s on you then, cos it will be a small meal. Really? You are starting to look so delicious right now. And you’re starting to look like you’ve lost a lot of blood. Does it matter at this point? It matters to me. Where’s the first-aid kit? I think it’s in the break room, but it’s too far unless we go through the studio. Then let’s go. Okay. SNARLING AND FEEDING SOUNDS No! No, no, no, no. I have an idea. Hear me, undead! This man is a friend to us. He means us no Games Oh, God! Oh, I regret that. SNARLING Ooh! Oh, that was awesome! Ladies first. Oh, wrong way! Come on! SNARLING Stairs! VICIOUS SNARLING AND SHRIEKS Deb, Deb! Come on, come on, we’ve gotta get going. No! Ryan, it’s the end of the line for me. Okay, I Games I Games I’ll carry you. Come on. Where? SHE SIGHS Listen. We’ve had a good run. But I’m starting to get hungry. I can really see myself going to town on your liver. Your spleen, maybe a couple of pancreas. Your pancreas is actually singular. Oh, thank you, Bill Nye. SHE SWOONS Ooh! Hey, hey! Stay with me, stay with me! SHE PANTS Ryan, what are you still doing here? You could outrun Misty Raines easily. And now you’re bound to end up like one of us or die a horrible death. I’d rather take that risk than be without the people I care about. The people you Games Oh, you mean me? Duh! I’m the people you care about? SHE LAUGHS I really wish we’d gotten to watch the fireworks together on your roof. SHE LAUGHS That would have been awesome. But now I’m starving. Okay, hey. Here. Do what you gotta do. Thank you. ELECTRIC CLICKS, SHRIEKS Got him! Hey. What’s up? Deb, right? We are huge fans. Are you good to go? Oh! Wait. What? You have a bite wound there. Just keep it clean and change that bandage daily. No, she was bitten by a zombie. Are you talking about what those people back there have? Yeah! You can’t get that from biting. Yeah, that is really an archaic way of thinking. I mean, a biter would have to have an open wound in his mouth literally gushing blood.