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The pasture is there. You’ll be paid on arrival. That’s not in the agreement. I was ordered to bring the cattle here. The war’s going into a new phase. We’re concentrating on Richmond. And when we take it, we’ve won. I don’t care who wins. You want that herd in Virginia? It’ll cost you five dollars per head extra. I’m authorized to pay you one dollar a head extra. Not a penny more. That’s not Army beef yet, major. Not until I get paid off on my contract. The contract specifies, in rather small print, I’ll admit: ” Payment shall be made when the beef is delivered to the area Games Games deemed most urgent by the commanding general.” Which is miles south of Richmond. It’s in order. I prepared it myself. Even specifying the size of the print. Now those steers are going east, Mr. Kelly. Oh, by Godfrey, that judge. He thought he had me licked. Licked, Kelly. But he underestimated the man he was dealing with. I hit that judge Games I hit him with a writ of certiorari. It’s like a brilliant bolt out of the black, a tiger springing. A writ of certiorari! Play cards, Steadman. Thousands of them. The boys in blue are gonna eat beef tonight. And tomorrow and next month. Till it’s coming out of their craws. Maybe it’s our stomachs making us see what ain’t there. Colonel, how about me going and bringing back proof. Just to make it official. My orders are to scout that herd. Go ahead. Just make sure the Yanks don’t scout me. Oh, Lord. This is always embarrassing. I’m sure you’ll handle it with your customary tact. Take over, captain. Yes, sir. Major Steadman, ma’am. I’m Charity Warwick. This is Alvarez Kelly, who brought the cattle here. I was ordered to arrange quarters for the two of you. Your men can camp in the field below the house. Mr. Kelly, the grazing is best in the north pasture. You may eat in my dining room tonight, major. But from tomorrow on, you’ll make other arrangements. Mrs. Warwick Games Games will you join us for dinner? Nice try, but I don’t think Games She’s a lady, Kelly. A great lady. One rarely has the privilege to meet such a Games What does that mean?