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Ready Horse Show 2 Tell us we got nothing to worry about. The day after tomorrow in surrogates court game You got two weeks’ pay coming to ya. The paper’s closing. Quit now and look for another job or game wait for the probate judge’s decision. It’s up to you. It was nothing personal, Mr. Hutcheson. I have my family to think about. That’s right, Henry. Nothing personal. Oh, Mr. Hutcheson, the mayor wants I’m busy. What are you gonna do? I got an assignment. Harry? There’s still a sports page to get out. Fighting. A man your age. Did me good. He was right to quit. They all oughta quit. Maybe. Anyway, I got it out of my system. You were with the new york world, weren’t you? Under Pulitzer, Cobb and Barrett. What’d you do when it folded? Let’s see now. I think I got myself a drink. Yep, I’m sure of it. Then what’d you do? Came over here and went to work for old man Garrison. He was a great newspaperman. Yeah, but no good as a father. Terrible. Daughters, one of ’em married to a highClass broker game who knows how to invest their money more wisely. They hate the paper, same as they hated the old man. Couldn’t get at him when he was alive, so now they’re kickin’ him when he’s dead. Yes? Five minutes to press time. Okay. Come in. Everybody in this racket gets kicked sooner or later, dead or alive. Get that in the fudge box. Yes, sir. Uh, the mayor game Darn the mayor! Yes, sir. The mayor. All he cares about is who’ll support him for reelection if we fold. By now, the boys will be having a nice lively wake at O’Brien’s. Ever been to one? Before you know it, lad, you won’t be feeling a thing, not a blessed thing. That’s what a wake is for. Yes, that’s right. Brothers and sisters, hush up for a minute. Friends and unemployed game Hear, hear. Lend me your ears. We’re gathered here to bury Caesar. No! Brothers and sisters, we came to praise the day, not bury it. I got the urge, brother! I got the urge! Repent and rejoice. Brother Cleary, a sinner of years standing, Sitting or lying down, will let out the misery. Hallelujah! Maestro, uh, “b” flat, if you please.