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Ritchie’s, the big department store in Oxford Circus. Get out! How does the next bit start? Buzz off, this ain’t no reading circle. Get on with it, then. There’s Tattoo Jack and his gang and they’re going to break in, eight o’clock tomorrow night. Thanks to Norman, we’ve got half a day’s start to plan. They won’t get a dekko at this until tomorrow morning. Boxing. Reads slowly, like a child “It was apparent to Smiler “that he had been games misled “for games the newcomer games was games Tattoo Jack!” Right. That’s all we want to know. Tattoo Jack is doing the job this week. Working tonight, dear? No, not me. Tattoo Jack. Good, we can go to the pictures. OK, boys. We’re running tonight. Why? Who’s doing the job? Tattoo Jack. Must be something special. Phone rings Detective Sergeant Fothergill. Who? I see. Carry on. Maclean. This evening? Do you mean Ritchie’s at Oxford Circus? Yes. Yes, thanks for the tip. We’ll follow that up. Wallis, Meadows. Sergeant? Anonymous tip-off, for what it’s worth. Possible job at Ritchie’s. Do you want us to go? Yes, I’ll come with you. Eight o’clock. Any idea who? Bunch of kids, so the nark said. Detective Sergeant Fothergill. OK, sir. CIocks chime ‘Six stone, two pounds.’ CIock chimes ‘ stone, pounds.’ Clattering Grunting General cries of panic ‘ stone, pounds.’ Boys shout and clamour ‘ stone.’ Running out of power ‘ games stone.’ ‘ games games stone.’ Clamouring continues Come ‘ere! Dicky, help me! Dicky I’ve got him! Boy Oi! Come on! Clamouring continues Keep hold of him! Clarry In here! ‘Ere, get off me! Get him, Joe! Let me go! Ow! Lay off! Stop it! Shouting continues Get hold of him! That net there! Come on. Joe, get him on the floor. Scream Oi, get down! Shouting continues Shouting Let me out of here, please! Help, help! Help! Whistle blows What’s up? Kids! Big kids, little kids, tough kids, thousands of them all over the place! Confused shouting Alec Let me go! Policeman Hey! What’s going on here? Here y’are, we caught the lot. Phillips! Sergeant Fothergill! Don’t stand there gaping, man!