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Real Cowgirl Else, I’m gonna come to your homes and beat the pulp out of you. Got that? You’re a funny guy. Get off me! Dev, bucks say that you can’t break this guy! Dev, let’s leave. I’m gonna break this imbecile. Move, Gaurav. Careful, pal. You will beat the pulp out of us? No game No, Dev! Move! Why are you putting me in the trunk of your car? Dev, have you lost it? Dev! Dev! I feel suffocated in here. Dev, at least listen to Devi. This is going too far. Hulk, you are laughing! Have you lost it? Make him understand! O’ uncle, let me tell you the feeling of my heart game On your silly looking face, I want to make a bee fly. Don’t touch me, even by mistake. Run someplace, save your life. I’ll cut up your Armani suit and make it into my underwear. Hit him on the behind with a stick. Beware of fraud. I’ll place a rocket behind you and then ignite it. Hit him on the behind with a stick, hit him hard with a stick. Hit him with love. Hit him on the behind with a stick, hit him hard with a stick. Hit him with love, it’s a lot of fun. What the game Gaurav, be careful, he’s a cop. Check it out. Okay. What is this cop going to do? I’ve dealt with his kind before. Sir game We kids made a mistake, I apologize. Goodbye. Let go. You don’t know who my father is. Your mother came over last night. Even she doesn’t know who your father is. Why don’t you tell me? Move away. Don’t touch him. Gaurav! Stay back! Dev, stop it, let go of him. What are you guys doing? Devi, get back in the car. Have you guys gone crazy? Adi, get in the driver’s seat. Dev game How dare you, moron! Dev, let go of me. Let go. I’m gonna game Come on! Come back, let’s go. Start the engine, Adi! Come on! How dare he game Make haste! Quick, start the car. Let’s go game Fast! Your mother game Get out of the car. Get out! Come out. Come on, get out. Get out. Move! Lie down on the ground. On the ground. Do it. Come here. On the ground. Ma’am! Come here and lie down on the ground. On the ground, I said! Is anyone there! Please, open game Open the trunk. Open up. Open up, you game Are you going