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I don’t feel good. Breathe. My heart is doing weird things, Antoine. You want me to call an ambulance? Here, I’ll help you walk. He will carry in his hands The end of my days of sorrow A rose for the lady? No, thanks. She’s very pretty. Are you sure? $ is plenty. Thank you. I just felt bad for the guy. Games Hello? Games Hi, it’s me. Sorry I woke you up. What’s going on? Nothing serious. I’m at the hospital. What? Jesus, Sarah, tell me what’s going on. My heart skipped, but it’s OK. They’re going to do some tests. I’m sure they’ll tell me everyz’hing’s fine. I know you’re going to say that you knew this would happen. But could you please not lecture me? No, Sarah, I Game I just don’t like this. What do you mean by “skip”? Did it happen when you were running? No, I’m fine when I run, I think. I was at a party with Antoine. Were you drinking? Tell me, please. I was watching a friend do karaoke, and I don’t know, it started again. My heart was stopping then starting again. It lasted a really long time. That’s not normal. It scares me when you say that. I’m serious. Mom Game There are people who say “I love you” to their mom every day. You know that it doesn’t mean that I don’t think it, right? Call the cardiologist and make an appointment so you can have a more thorough follow Games up. Do I have to? Avoid caffeine and any kind of stimulant, reduce physical activity until the appointment and, please, take it easy on the drinking. That should help you feel better. That’s all. You think you’ll be able to sleep? Yeah, I’m fine. Thanks. Hi. Your buttons are done up wrong. I did it fast. I wanted to get home. Games You want a beer? Games No. Games You staying in tonight? Games Yes. You want me to change the channel? This show is pretty bad. I didn’t know you liked cooking shows. Me neither. It’s my night off. I don’t know Game Maybe we can do something different. Why are you laughing? Well, you should see yourself! Games Watch out, Games !