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Rock Star Horse 2 Even if you don’t like it. You almost had a heart attack for a girl you pay, a girl who’s with you because she has no choice. Is that really what you want? How can you talk to me like that? You belittle everything. I forbid you to talk like that. Somebody has to tell you, Dad. You have to hear it. It’ll end badly. You’re already in the hospital. Things will only get more and more sordid. I’m sorry, Dad, but game if you go on like this, there’s no chance things’ll work out for you. You’ll never understand anything. Leave me alone! Where were you? How is he? He’ll be okay. They’ll hold him for observation for a few days. We don’t really know what happened to him. It’s crystal clear to me. Tatiana itching to get her inheritance, that’s all. Listen game we can’t leap into that kind of wild speculation. There’s no proof of that in his medical records. I know what I’m talking about. I’m sure of it. We have to stop her. Now. That’s not up to us. He’s my father. I don’t want him to die. Hi, Grandpa! How are you? You look good! I brought Mr. Dembélé’s file. His boss wants to hire him officially but game She didn’t call today. That’s not nice. It’s not nice. Who? Tatiana? Shall I leave you the file to look at later? Remember your grandmother? Suzanne would never leave me all alone without calling. Your grandmother loved me very much. She loved you, too. But now, here I am. All alone. When did Arnaud say they’d get here? At :. Where’d they hide the coffee? Babette, look at these! What are they? From his bank. It’s all going down the tubes! You have to do something. It’s making Arnaud sick. Oh, you’re here? We brought you a few meals so you could rest up. Hi. Isn’t Tatiana here? No. She must have gone to work. Strange. She didn’t call yesterday. Did she leave me a note? I didn’t see one. Nothing? Are you sure? You’d tell me? Of course. Want some coffee? No. If you’re always here, she’ll never come back! I’ve had it! I can’t take it anymore! Let him treat you like that, if you like. But not me. Karine! Where are you going?