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Rock Star Horse Style What kind of a job? That toy factory I was talking about. They fired me, didn’t they. Why didn’t they fire Ira? He’s always asleep on the job. They took the bread right out of my mouth didn’t they? They owe me something and I’m going to collect. Get this, Bill. They got an old tincan they call a safe. I know the dump backwards. Every Friday they get in ten grand for the payroll.. Which stays in the safe until Saturday noon. It would be a pushover Bill, if you went in with me. Five grand a piece Bill! What do you say? In the first place, what do I want with five grand? And In the second place if I did want the dough, I’d go out and make it. And in the third place Bragg.. Trina tells me you been hanging around while I’ve been away and she don’t like it. I told her I’d speak to you about it. There’s only one language you can understand Bragg. That’s it. Bill. Did I hurt? Not when you don’t mean it. What would you do if I really slugged you hard? Bill, you like being with me, don’t you? I ain’t so nuts about you. You’re pretty skinny. Come on, let me go. You ain’t tired of me yet, are you? Let me go I tell you, before I sock you. Let me.. Oh! Oh Bill! Darling. He’s awful strong. Come on, dish up the grub will you. I’m starving. Yes sir. Hi Floss, how’s tricks? Picking up. Here. Flossy.. supper’s ready. I’m not hungry thanks Ira. Hey, what’s the idea? What kind of a thing is this? That’s a fine thing to pull out of a man’s soup. What kind of a mess is this? You can find anything in here. A pair of old shoes? Why Bill, that’s one of Ira’s flowers. You got it for me! I found it in the soup I tell you. What kind is it? Don’t you really know what flower it is? No kidding? Are you dumb. It’s a whatchamacallit. It’s an Xavier. Xenias. I don’t care what kind it is. It’s pretty. Throw it away, it’s a measly little one. No. Throw it away, I tell you! I’ll get you a bunch of them. Nice big ones. That kind ain’t even got a smell. Oh Bill, don’t. Now see here, Bill. What’s that for? That’s that dime I owe you. I bought a flower from you.