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Pop Star Horse We’re behind today, thanks. Girls, want to go to the zoo? Yeah! Let’s go. I love the zoo! Let’s go. Jump! What’ll we see? Elephants. The elephants again? Giraffes. I was shocked too. Who told you? Anna. When? At the divorce. We went for coffee. We somehow started talking about Ivan and she told me. How does Anna know? From Vanda. Vanda? Yeah. You all knew, but I just found out. I look stupid. I feel like someone screwed me over. I feel betrayed. Don’t take it like that; it’s his life. It doesn’t just affect him. He didn’t know about Natalka for a long time. That’s different. I wasn’t Natalka’s godfather. Why did he do it? What’s driving him? Can you answer me, godfather? Not me, godfather. Then he’ll have to tell us. Come on. I’m gonna ask him. No. He doesn’t know we know. Later we’ll regret saying nothing. Foreign Ministry, Prague Don’t you think maybe he’s gay? Ivan? Remember in high school? He screwed every girl he laid eyes on. But people change. They go gay. Nonsense. We’d know it. Has he ever given you any funny vibes? We’ve kind of lost track of him for the past few years. True. Man Game Or maybe he can’t have kids. Maybe they have some weird arrangement. I don’t know. Maybe they can’t have kids together. Maybe she’s got some immunological disorder. But why wouldn’t he tell us? And why would Johana blab? That’s anybody’s guess, my friend. I think he’s infertile. Johana told Vanda they haven’t slept together for five years. Maybe Ivan wants kids and this arrangement makes it possible. No, that’s dumb. But why don’t they split up? And they pretend to be so harmonious, the perfect couple. Look at us losers, and look how successful they are! Maybe he just can’t leave her. He has a different pain threshold, a different ranking of values. Fine, but why the hell is she with him? Maybe it’s habit or money, or social prestige, cultural background Game She can’t give a damn about that. She’s stuck at home with two kids while Ivan’s in Bum Game , Egypt. Now imagine: You come home and are greeted by a stranger’s kids.