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Royal Pony 2 Your novel? No, I’ve been busy with midterm exams. Don’t read it if you haven’t started yet. It’s just a vulgar commercial novel. Hey, hey! What do you think you’re doing? What’s the fuss? He puts his writings in here. It’s too far. You’ve seen him writing? It’s hard for him to go back and forth. This is the perfect spot. No, don’t, don’t! He hates it when things are out of place. He doesn’t like changes. What’s the use of wasting this pretty chest? It’s been there since before you were born. It’s older than you! So what if it’s older than me? Help me move it. It looks better there. Go away. Move! You think I won’t do it? Don’t! What the Go away, now. Move, I said! Go away, now. Don’t. I told you to move. What’s wrong with you? I warned you! Go away! Here he is! Get away from there Now, move! Grumpa! Grumpa! I cleaned your library all day. You did? Yes, I didn’t do much Grumpa, about that chest I wanted to move it for your convenience But he won’t let me. What are you doing? Eungyo, let it be. Every wooden furniture likes to take root in a certain place. It’s been there since before you were born It won’t do to uproot it. I’m sorry. Sir, the meeting date has been set. It’ll be on Monday over lunch. I made a reservation at your favorite restaurant. Who’s coming? County officials and people from Camellia Literature Museum. I want to go as well. May I please come? Now you are pushing it too far. Why shouldn’t I come? I can go after school And you can give me a ride. It’ll be around six. Yes! They have great food there. Really? Let’s go, just you and me. By the way Have you read The Heart ? The Heart? You read it? Yes. How did you like it? I was pleasantly surprised! It was good. How about you? It’s a genre novel but not just that. It’s poetic, and shows deep introspection of human being. Sir But I don’t think he likes it. He called it a vulgar commercial novel. I didn’t mean that, sir. A parent never discards his off springs, No matter how troublesome they may be. Have a drink. Maybe you’d like to say a word