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Santa’s Reindeer Care 2 always. I could save your son. Don’t touch me! Get lost! Get lost! What’s the point of that, old man? You really want to risk your life? It’s my daughter game I’m sorry, Frank, I lost my head. Here are the guns. I wait for your signal. Hands up! h, it’s you, Walcom. I’m sorry. How can it be you’re becoming more and more stupid, Paquito. Run! Go upstairs! Move! Hurry up! Willy! Willy? Where did they hide him? Willy, come out now! Come on, Willy, come out. No. Forget about saying ”no”. Come on, get out of there. Willy game You are a brave boy. Sure. Why are you looking at me like that? Talk! You’re siding with daddy’s enemies. No game No, Willy, no. I had to game I had to do it in order to save myself. Willy, you have your mothers eyes. You behaved badly, grandfather! What did you say? What did you say? Grandfather game For the first time you call me like that. Grandfather game Relax, my dear. It’s gonna be alright. This whole thing will be over soon. Your daddy will come back. Everything will be alright. What about mama? Don’t worry, they took her prisoner. If they intend to harm her, I will be ready to defend her. Bye, Willy. See you soon. Bye. Bye, grandfather. Bye. Bye, grandfather. I just heard they will attack tonight and Frank is gonna lead them. Let’s trap them in the cave. There we have a better position to fight. There are still some things left from the war in that cave. Things that could save us. What is it? You’ll find out. A surprise. If it still works. Jane, Daniels wanted to kill you. But I wouldn’t go for it. By giving you those shares, Ringo could save you. Your son would also be save then. You’ll never find Willy. Your father is hiding him. I won’t tell anybody. But think about it, Jane. Nobody can take away Daniel’s game game control over this town. lt is in his hands, don’t you see? Everybody was forced to give in. You’re gonna be wealthier if you come with me and not with Ringo. Come with me. Jane, I love you. I love you! Let me go! No! Let me! Jane game Don’t touch me! Don’t touch me! If you don’t want me to, I won’t touch you.