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Sara’s Honey Garden 3 Don’t you know that I love her? As everyone, are you also using friendship for Love? What is wrong in that? Friendship is the base of any relationship Today she told I am her friend But tomorrow I’ll change it as her love Get on What is it? You can eat Pukatla(pan cakes) again Last time I paid bill for that You fool! Listen to me I am selected to do one year course in Shobana dance academy I am going to Chennai next month Won’t you ever tell a good thing? I have been trying for this for years you know that It hasn’t completed days since my love starting Reethu is getting close to me now only With whom will l share my feelings if you leave me suddenly? It is my dream At any cost I have to go to Chennai I know that you’ll do monkey tricks like this It is a photocopy Original copy is at home Please don’t go One month time is there let’s think about it Tell me that you don’t go there Okay l won’t go What else? Shall we go to lunch? Keep quiet As to get digestion the food, why are you taking us around the city? Hey killer, get down I won’t, you get down Please get down You go home in the auto Why did you leave her like that? If you want to buy dress for me, we’ll have to go to Abids But why did you bring me here? Dress is not for you, it is for me I called you for you to do the selection No, I’ll make you select your dress Me!? You know about me well I’ll get confused Okay, today l’ll select and tomorrow your mother will select Whether good or bad is just an opinion But liking is a feeling Don’t waste a second and select the dresses that you like from them You’ve selected totally but pink coloured dresses are there From this what you and I know is that your favourite colour is pink In this , are flashy and are simple It means you are a simple minded girl All dresses look good But only a few will be comfortable to you They won’t close the shop immediately Go and try them These are comfortable Now you’ve selected your dress I’ll get changed if I am with you Yes, you’ll change as yours Your thoughts are new and surprise me What would have happened