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Sara’s Wonder Farm You know, if you have just one keeps you very warm. Okay. There you go. Thanks. You’re welcome. So, what are you doing around here? Work. I’m a journalist. You’re a journalist? Well, not really a journalist. I’m more of a book reviewer for a magazine. I’m looking for someone. She’s an author. Her name is Rachel Harson. Hmm. May I ask why? Uh, I’m writing a story on her, although I’m pretty sure she won’t talk to me. She seems like a pretty difficult woman. You know, that’s funny. I’ve heard the same thing about her. What magazine did you say you wrote for? BH Style. Have you heard of it? No, but I’m game I’m not a magazine person. I’m sure it’s very nice. Uh, truth is, it’s my first big assignment so I’m a little game So you’re nervous? Yeah Let’s not talk about work anymore tonight. You’re tired. You need your rest. Take that with you. Okay. You’re very kind. Oh, you have found me out. This is my son’s room. Well, at least it was his room. Oh, he’s so cute! Yes, he is cute. Okay. I’m so sorry. I didn’t even recognize you. Why would you? See that picture? That was taken years ago. Anyway, you need to get your sleep. Good night. Good night. The emotion. Yes! So go to Kailee’s. Okay. I got a flat of little teeny flowers. That reminds me game I want to put it back there near the stones. Just bring ’em back. Everything’s looking so raggedy, and I’ve been out there every day. Hi, Mrs. Harson. Oh, hi. No. No, not game not game no, not you again. Uhuh. You two know each other? Yeah, I’m sorry. I don’t want to be rude, but we don’t want any journalists in my house. I game I don’t know what you’re talking about. Don’t strain your voice. You know, this is my house. She’s a guest in my house. Mom, she is a journalist. You know what that means? She told me she’s a book critic. Really? You know? Yes. Can I talk to you alone for a second. Wait a minute! Just sit down. First of all, I’m gonna take Shirin and put her back into the bedroom. Go on, honey. You are really embarrassing me in front of my guest! Really? Shirin game how do you even know her name?