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or the tick Games took of a clock. So like the word burp. Check it. Profiterole! “Munchi Munchi” is the sound this tribe makes while they’re eating. Which means that there’s Avery good chance that they’re cannibals. That’s cool. Everyone has the right to be what they wanna be when they grow up, right? Cannibalism is not a profession. Unfortunately it means they eat people, like us! They eat their enemies. Profiterole. You might be the main course on the Munchi Games Munchi’s menu. Knock it off. There’s an equal chance that the Munchi Games Munchi are vegetarians. Don’t be so sure! If they are cannibals. They will likely go after the one of us who is most meaty and tender. Profiterole! Oh, for the love of Vishnu! Excuse me. I think I’m gonna be sick. Blech! That’s bloody awful! Ugh. I do finally believe that the four of you are indeed from another realm entirely. There’s nothing in our world that stinks like that! Ooh. Profiterole, drop the anchor onto something soft. Uh oh. Well, it was something soft anyway. Steady. You’re all mine. No! Elephants are an endangered species! Are you out of your mind? If we don’t stop this beast. It’s going to cause us to crash! But we caused this situation, not him. You have no right to shoot down an innocent animal. Gotta do something, Nicole! If this balloon bursts. We won’t make it to the temple of Onoffon! Ok! I’m going down. Using a gun is never a good way to solve a problem. Nicole! Nicole, why are you all the way over here? I Game I wanted to be alone. Oh, I’m sorry. You were really brave back there. The elephant needed me. Nowadays we get so wrapped up in our own problems that we forget to take care of each other. Guess what. Not everyone forgets! You are really so sweet. I mean the fruit is sweet. I mean the gesture is Game Your gesture is so sweet, Peter. I really like talking to you, Nicole. I really like talking to you too. Hmm. Torpedo, find an observation site. Go look for the lair of some animal.