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Isn’t she? Please Game Games Please? Games Please don’t tease me.. Were you teasing her, Johann? On the contrary, Anton. I was complimenting her. Games Karl? Games No, Anton. You see? Games Your wine, gentlemen. Games Christina is to serve it. It’s alright, Father. Oh dear Game she nearly split it. Be careful, my dear. You don’t want your father to lose his license, do you? See how gracefully she walks. Look what you’ve done! You silly bitch! Games She didn’t mean it, I assure you. Games Well of course she did! Get out of my sight! You will apologize for that! Games Be careful, Hans. Games Don’t be a fool. Games I will what? Games You will apologize. Did you hear what this peasant said? They heard! I do not care to talk to the spawn of murderers! Stop that, you young fool! You’ll smash the place up! Come on, then! Are you afraid?! All three of you?! Keep away! Games Give me that knife. Games Keep away! They’re going to get what they deserve! I’ll kill you for that! Then you’ll go the same way as your father! You want to prefer charges? No. Games How about all this mess? Games I know him Game he’ll come back in the morning and clear it all up. I want him charged with assault! Three healthy young men against one Game that won’t sound so good in court, will it sir? Oh Game never mind. Oh, leave that, Christina. You go on home. You have to be up early in the morning. Well? I’m sorry, Father. It’s not your fault. Come on. Off to bed. And don’t worry. Games Good night, Father. Games Good night, my dear. Mine, I think, landlord. Thank you. And where is our young friend? You may well ask. Oh, I see. Good evening, gentlemen. Been having a party? What have you done here? Games You should have that attended to. Games I’ll be alright! On the contrary, without immediate attention it could develop into something quite unpleasant. Games What do you think, Doctor? Games Very nasty. I’m sure Doctor Hertz will render first aid, for a small charge.