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Scarecrow 3 Anna will stay with you. I’ve never known the equal. Never. It’s beyond nature. Now do you believe me? Now that you’ve seen? Now that I’ve heard. In all my years and I’ve known a vile tongue or two in my time never have I heard such obscenities. That pleases you? No, of course not, but it justifies me. It’s proof. Perhaps it is, but to hear such filth from a child’s mouth game I don’t know where she could have learned such language. I know. I never heard her speak like it before. Never. Till you came. You saw who taught her. You saw that woman. I know what I saw. Has she mentioned it? Mentioned Miss Jessel? Only to say there was no one there. Yes, and you pretended to believe her. I didn’t have to pretend. Well, how can you say that? As though you you too were a complete innocent? Well, you lived here. You knew those two. You knew them when they were alive, and what influence they were on the children. And it frightened you. When I came here, you were still frightened. Oh, you were. I sensed it. And why? Because you felt they weren’t really dead. And now, despite all that, you turn on me, you blame me. And all I want to do is save the children, not destroy them. Don’t you know that? All I know is Miss Flora was a sweet, innocent child game a happy child, until you made her face that That woman! Say it! That bad memory! It may have been the saving of her. But you must take her to her uncle. You must both go away tomorrow. Away from me, away from them, the servants everyone must go. And leave you here all alone? Except for Miles. We were together this afternoon game sitting in front of the fire. He didn’t say anything game but he wanted to. It was like a pendulum game and I could feel it swinging my way. Slowly, slowly. Oh, yes, he wanted to reveal himself and ask for my help. And we must give him that chance. Don’t you understand that? After today, miss, I doubt I shall ever understand you. It was a cruel thing. And if you’re planning another cruelty But to wake a child out of a bad dream, is that a cruelty?