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Sea Farm Time 4 What the hell is that? Ty, you got to check these out. What? Why did you do that? What? Oh, you d game you didn’t see how excited that kid was? That kid’s name is Cameron. And you can’t just push a decision like that on someone you don’t know. I’m not pushing anything on anyone, okay? I’m just game he game he believes that God wants him to go to Africa. I can’t help if he’s convicted. That’s not my fault. Are you kidding me? You keep saying you’re supporting people who believe in God, but you’re not. All you’re doing is pushing God on people that believe in you. You have to chill, okay? I’m not doing anything except saying what people expect me to say game that’s it. And if people want to give money to a good cause, what’s so bad about game what we’re taking is worse than their money. You just turned Cameron’s life upside down for something you don’t even believe in. It doesn’t matter if I believe it, if you believe it. It doesn’t matter if any of us believe it. We’re here to facilitate game no, we’re here because you got backed into a corner. That is it. That’s it, man. It was you that needed them, not the other way around. Let me get this straight. So you think that Cameron shouldn’t go to Africa? You think that christians shouldn’t make the world a better place, is that right? Not if they’re doing it for bullshit reasons. It’s not bullshit to Cameron. He believes in Jesus. Why does that bother you so much? He only believes it because people like you stand on that stage and sell it to him. He doesn’t know any better than to buy it. Hey, Tyler, chill out, man. Just simmer down. Guys, we’re all tired. We’re all stressed. We’ve been on the road a long time. Okay? Look, what I want you to do game I’m done. What? I’m done, man. What do you mean? I’m not doing this anymore. I can’t do this anymore. And, guys, maybe we don’t have to. Maybe we can just leave the tour. We all heard about the earthquakes in Zambia, right? And Cameron was just telling us about some missionaries that are going there in the next few days.