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Serena and Jesica in Farm Pick up the phone. Dude, I got a girl in my car right now. She’s passed out in the front seat. It’s the pretty book reviewer in the purple dress that was drinking too much tonight at the party. Long story game I need your help, okay? ‘Cause I game I don’t know what to do with her. She’s beautiful so please call me back. Oh my gosh. Look at that. She’s so drunk. You were that drunk last night. No. Yes. You were. This way. Thanks. Uh game Is there anything else you need? You know, I think my hands are game are full. Oh, oh yeah. Of course. Next time. For sure. Thank you. Rick.. Rick, it’s Will. Pick game pick up, please! I’ve got game this girl is in my room right now, okay? Yeah, the girl from the party. She’s now in my bed, so um, you got to game you got to come here, and you got to help me handle this right now. Please? Hey game hey, you need to wake up, please. Oh. There you go. Okay. Ho game ho game ho. I’ve got to take your clothes off ’cause you’re gonna get pneumonia if I don’t. Okay? So, I’m just doing that. An engagement ring? Oh man. Okay. There ya go. I can’t game Okay. There we go. You don’t drink whiskey. There was a guy here. I’m gonna kill him! No, you’re not. What do you mean, no I’m not? Uh, my game my fiancee was in bed with someone. Calm down. Let me explain. Calm down? Uh, my fiancee is in somebody’s bed! Oh game oh my God. I’m going dizzy. Here. Oh, thank you. Uh. Where is he? I’m gonna kill him! I don’t know how this happened, Mike. I swear. What am I gonna do? I had a call from Rick Davidson this morning. Shirin had a little too much to drink so she asked Rick to give her a lift home. And ended up in bed with him? Oh my God! Here. Thank you. Dr. June, you’ll be very happy to know that as soon as he brought her back to his hotel, he went straight to his boyfriend, Trevor. You should never let her drink in public! Calm down. Thank you. Uh, oh. Ha. I knew it. Sweetheart, that’s a red hair. Do you see any other redheaded Asians walking around here? Uh, major health code violation. I’m not eating this.