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Sheep Farm Farmers You hush! You’re one to talk! Do you mean Anna, his lawful wife? I mean the mother of his child, of course. Anna’s not to blame because she can’t have kids. You in particular have no right to start moralizing. What happened, dad? Ask your mom. He’s the one who needs to explain. Will you drop it? Or will you just keep harping on it? Did you think I’d blow it off? You don’t even blink at what others do. Mom, what happened? Ask your dad. Will you give it a rest? No. Fine, but the consequences are yours. Well? Edita. Are you satisfied? Are you finally satisfied? Can I spend the night, dad? As you wish; I’m not in charge here. Move in if you like. What happened, mom? How could she? Who? Edita. My best friend. Edita Ticha? She’s been dead years. Exactly! Well, merry Christmas Game May we meet in a year in good health. How’s business? Recently, it hasn’t been for shit. What’s this painting cost? ,. Really? Without commission. What does the person look like who’d pay , for this? I’d like to know that too. I’ve only got two more months’ rent. If things don’t improve I’ll have to pack it in. How about you? Where do you live? At my parents’. Be glad you’ve got a place. Did you know Ivan had a son? Yeah, Ludvik. Little Ludvik. Wanna see some pictures? Man, I envy them. What about Jutka and Natalka? They left for Slovakia. What about Anna? I last saw her with a cat. Think she found someone? I don’t know; call her. I’ve tried. She doesn’t answer. Ema? Where there’s a will, there’s a way. What’s this? Are we going somewhere? For two months I’ve been asking you to leave. What do you object to about me? Everything. Everything Game You object to everything about me. But that’s not why you seduced me, why we started going out, why you wanted a baby with me. Here’s a guy I completely object to; I’ve gotta marry him. Why are you making us both suffer? I’m just trying to understand. God, stop trying; it’s beyond you! Why drag it out? Can you think of any reason we should be together? Wait, let me think. Raising our daughter. What’s for dinner? Jirka, please.