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Formal demand and everything. Can you imagine? Games Are you eating properly? Games Yes. I’m serious. Yes! Keep it steady, girls. That’s it! Zoey, butt Games kicks! Butt Games kicks! That’s it. I said five minutes, not six! Do you want to put some music on? Games Sure, if you want. Games I’d rather not. We can do the interview in French, if you want. I won’t ask you any complicated questions. You’ll be in the Athlete of the Month section, or something like that. Sarah Lepage. You’re on the McGill Athletics Team, right? Exactly. Sarah Lepage, years old, middle distance runner on the McGill Athletics Team. Why track and field? I like to run. OK, good answer! That’s very good. That I what? Do you feel that sport is about more than physical activity? Or maybe not? I guess so. There’s Game nutrition, stress Game not getting behind in school, stuff like that. And who are your role models? My role models Game Well, seeing Donovan Bailey run with the Canadian flag in Atlanta really inspired me. So, we could say that you don’t consider yourself to be a sovereigntist. Excuse me? Well, Donovan Bailey, the Canadian flag Game I didn’t see it that way. Are you proud to be a Canadian athlete? I’m proud when I beat my times and I win a race. Hey, sorry to bother you. When will you be home tonight? I don’t know. I’ll probably go running with Zoey. I wanted to talk to you about this whole marriage thing. I think it’d be good if you told people you had a boyfriend, even if it it’s not true. I don’t understand. I’m afraid there might be inspectors who check if we’re really a couple. The government must make sure people don ‘z’ do it for the money. I don’t think the government looks into it. It’s not like in the movies. Look, I just think you should tell your friends Game Well, tell them a biz’ about me. We don’t talk about our personal lives. They know you exist, Antoine. Don ‘z’ worry. What’s that? It’s the Achy Breaky Dance. It’s easy to do the Achy Breaky Dance Come on!