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We really have to be on our way. See, our colony is in danger and Oh, but you can’t. whimpers And why? You’re right on time for my one-woman show. And no one leaves in the middle of a performance. Or else. hissing Alice chuckling nervously Deep Look for exits. Alice There aren’t any. What do we do? And now the beautiful, the sublime, Norma. Oh, please, you’re too kind. Thank you all ever so much. upbeat music The others are gone But I still go on I’m Queen of the Undersea Ball You may see decay But I like it that way For I’m Queen of the Undersea Ball I think it’s kind of catchy. Are you crazy? Let’s get out of here. We can’t yet. You heard her. She came from the City of Men. We need to find out where it is. Fathoms below An HO show This watery diva’s a star My fame soon will spread wide and far For you see that I am what I are An iceberg once sunk it But who would have thunk it This ship is the place I prefer The boat is a wreck But I say, what the heck I have my new fans, his and her Hello, sailor. I’ve got glamor and cl Occasional gas burps But that is just part of my charm The others are gone But I still go on And on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on And on gl tinkling Woo-hoo! Floating ovation. Marvelous. Encore! Again, again! More? Are you out of your mind? whispers I’ve got a plan. Whoo-hoo! Encore. More, more! Whoo-hoo! Oh, I blush. How about some improv? Splendid. What shall I be? A young actress on her way to the City of Men. Oh, I remember it like it was yesterday. Suitcase packed and I’m setting off for the City’s grandest boulevard, Broadway. And how do you get to Broadway? Practice, my boy, practice. I mean, which way do you swim. From here, that is. Oh, along the warm westerly current, of course. See it? Whoa, here I go. Westerly current. Got it. How long does your trip take? Six days of pure anticipation, with a quick stop for a kiss with a devilishly handsome shark on the Island of Trash near the Iron Mountain. Island of Trash. Iron Mountain. And then you’re there? No, first I float through the Coral Canyon.