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As said by Nanjudappa that day, young man with the Rudraksha mole has come in search of you dear I have kept you house arrested for years inan unavoidable circumstance dearWhat? years? Your prison life is finished with this day. You are a free bird from now. Fly high like a bird, dear This Rathavar is either speaking inpure Kannada or in pure Telugu Is his Sim single or dual? We decided to carry out engagement to you with Aaliya amongst the sacred soundings and blessings of the priests. Blessings of Rayalu, people and good omens will accompany this. We will leave now sir We request all of you to attend the marriage, receive our hospitality and gifts,bless the couple and make us happy. As you order Rathavara! Are you in the palace only from years? Why? Nanjundappa Swamy came once to the palace in my childhood. Chandramukhi belongs to Gemini star and is a Virgo ascendant As per her stars, luck and riches follow wherever she resides. Chandramukhi is of a great fate Hail Manjunatha But there is a small glitch in her fate. What would happen Swami? There is a chance that Chandramukhiloves someone from other caste and marry him. If that happens, your dynasty goes heirless and the village turns into graveyard. ::. –> ::. align:center What is the solution for this, then sir? Till she is into years, meaning for the next years she should not be allowed outside and should not see any outside man. That means she needs to be in a house arrest. Such a big punishment to baby in so small age? This is not punishment Bajarappa,but safety of the dynasty. If not followed even the village gets ruined along with this dynasty Is there no other way sir? As baby is a blessing of Lord Shiva, if she is married to a guy with the Rudrakshamole not just the glitch goes but her fate gets more powerful. Prestige of your dynasty sours very high. But there would be one such from crores. If not found, after she becomes on an Ekadasi day you should get Chandramukhi married to a guy matching her stars. My world was into this for years from then.