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This mission is ultra Games classified as super quadruple hush Games hush extreme Game oh! Uh, please excuse the little outburst of our subordinate. That is my assistant Pascal. Now, as you know, one of our greatest national heroes is the man they call the father of science fiction, the writer Jules Verne. But just yesterday, we discovered a tragic situation and a most perplexing problem. It seems that some of his classic stories have become somewhat. Uh, mixed up. That sounds terrible, but how are we supposed to help? I’m glad you asked! Believe it or not. We have an amazing invention. A machine like nothing you’ve ever seen! With this technology we can insert you kids right into the imagination of Jules Verne! The Imaginasium! The plan is for you to go into the stories. And help us revert them back to their original state. So how come you picked us? Partly because you are all years old, the age at which Verne had just started writing. And the many figments of his creativity were developing. Right! And using the same age wavelengths we can more easily teleport you straight into his imagination. Cool! Wow! The other reason you were all chosen is that each of you represents a side of Jules Verne’s personality. That way when we teleport you. We don’t have to worry about any of you being rejected. Aristotle, you represent his genius and the love he had for technology. And Peter, we know you’ve read all his books. You embody Verne’s passion for great literature. Huh. Nicole, you represent love. You just happen to be a direct descendent of Jules Verne’s first love Caroline Dezaunay. Despite being first cousins, he was crazy in love with her. He was just plain crazy to be in love with his cousin. Yuck! That was very common back then. Huh? She must have been very beautiful. Like you. Huh? I was in love with my cousin once too! I remember that whenever I saw her face my heart filled with joy. She haunts me to this day with her beautiful, bald head and her soft skin.