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Sue Fried Potatoes Time 3 We don’t auspicious time often I’ll take care of other things You don’t get tense unnecessarily You know how beautiful it was at the last camp site we visited? You look very handsome in person than in the photo He is my selection I am very happy today First time, my fiance and my friend have met each other Me too You like that? Then you take that iPhone and I’ll take this chain I know that you are friends since childhood But I bought them both for you It is good if it is with me But if it is with you, it’ll be very nice There is some good time on coming Thursday Is it okay for you? It is okay for me Call my dad once and confirm it Did you feel for that? I told you that he is openminded person Why do I feel for that? Tell me the truth Do you like him? To tell the truth Game he is superb You selected a correct person Because he is in love with you deeply he felt very possessively How many Game you give to our love? You can use this phone often if you want to Is it your Majnu’s phone? I don’t want that Laila He liked you very much He gave out of Game for our love Then how many Game will you give to our friendship? I’ve just come, l need some time to rate your friendship Why did you take that money? To buy a guitar and present to Chandu Chandu has gone for shopping but he hasn’t come yet Look there! He is coming Why don’t you use this bike instead of coming in auto? I bought that bike for my dad, not for me, aunty He told that he won’t use that bike Let him use it or not, it is for him only His dad is adamant This boy is stubborn I don’t know when will they change that Are you Udhay? Yes, it’s me You’re going to marry our teacher, right? Yes, why? Take care of her well Why? You like her very much If you don’t take care her well she’ll torture us with her dance class Is it? Yes Greetings aunty! Greetings dear You look so cute Have you come alone? Yes He’ll do anything to get the promotion Dear! Isn’t she so cute? We three of us are classmates I didn’t mind them then Recommendation is not enough, talent is also needed