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Sun Little Pony The one that got away? I don’t remember the name. I never saw the guy before tonight. You may as well hand over that gun peaceful, and surrender. I’ll see that the law deals easy with you. They ain’t going to deal with me at all. What did you expect to find in there if you did get it open? Apples! Lemons, more likely. You wouldn’t find any money in there. Not in that old crackerbox. If it’s the payroll money you were after, it’s in the safe in the other office. Do you know the combination? If I did, I wouldn’t tell you. What if I shoved this gun down your gullet? Go on, try it! If you’ve got the guts to kill a man in cold blood, I’ve got the guts to take it. Yes, I guess you have at that. You’re alright. I wouldn’t hurt you. If I knocked you over, what would become of all them posies? Well, what’s the matter with you Pop? What are you looking so sour about? Are you disappointed in me? No. It’s not you I’m thinking of. I’m thinking of your wife. Huh? Your wife, Trina. Oh! What’s that? What is that? Somebody set off the burglar alarm. There’ll be Police all over the place in five minutes. What are you waiting for? Go on! Get going! The Cops will be here in a few minutes. Trina! What do you want? I got news for you. Bad news, it’s about Bill. He’s in trouble. Come on in. I don’t want nobody to hear but you. What is it? What is it Bragg? Your boyfriend got nabbed robbing the safe at the toy factory. They caught him with the goods. Oh no, you’re joking. Bill wouldn’t do a thing like that. Bill’s no thief. That’s it. Stepping out of his class. That’s why he got caught. He got shot, too, trying to get away. Wait a minute honey. Don’t get upset, that ain’t all I got to tell you. You haven’t got nothing to worry about. He may go up the river for a spell, but.. I’ll still be around. I’ll always be around baby, to take care of you. Let me out of here! No! Sure.. There’s no hurry. I’ll be here. Only with Bill in the jug, you’re going to need a man around. You might as well forget Bill for a while. He’s gone, ain’t he..