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Beautiful Farm Girl we’re just getting started. Seen our website? Our? Who else? You don’t have to tell me. Do you like it? It’s nice. But do you really like making coffee? Honey, I’ve got people to do that. Hi, Jirka. Do you work here? Mmhmm. I hope Vanda’s not exploiting you. We’re partners. You pig. Business partners, of course. I’m glad to see you. You didn’t call or answer your phone. I didn’t know what was up. Would you like anything? No. Now you know. Yeah. This place was always dead. I’m sorry about what happened. What happened? You and Roman. How long have we known each other, Jirka? Ever since Roman started dating you: years. I remember that day exactly. And how long have you known Roman was cheating on me? What was I supposed to do? Talk him out of it? I’d expect that from a friend, but you were all silent. It must have strengthened your friendship, but you betrayed me. I’m sorry you see it like that. How else should I see it? You lied to me for eight years. You pretended in front of me and left me to deal with it. You took eight years of my life, stole it. It’s gone. Hold on there. Imagine your best friend tells you she’s got a lover and makes you swear not to tell. Would you tell her husband? You can’t say you would. I’d tell her this way: You’re my best friend; we’ve know each other for years. Your husband introduced us and hoped we’d be friends. He wanted us to celebrate New Year’s together, go on vacations together, to dinner, the theater, open a gallery, baptize the kids Game I did everything he wanted. Now I find out you’re cheating on your husband. I give you time to put things right; if you don’t I’ll stop seeing you. I know I’ll lose you, but what is such a friendship worth? And that’s why I’ve stopped seeing Johana. Why? You don’t know? What? You really don’t know? What should I know? Ask your friend Roman. What should I ask? About your friend Ivan. Natalka Game Anezka! Game then we’ll make further arrangements. I think you’ll be satisfied; no complaints yet. Hi. Fine. Thanks. Take care. Goodbye. Hi. Hi. Would you take Natalka and Anezka to the zoo? Great Game Yes.