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mouse tuşu

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ls this where my father is kept? Yes! But it’s almost impossible for a strangerto get there. Dr. Arya has kept very tight security everywhere on the island So that now no one comes between him and the computer Krishna, if Dr. Arya starts the computer how much havoc he can wreak and the destruction he can cause, is unimaginable mine. yours. ours, the worlds destiny will come in his clutches. That’s why, Dr Arya has to be stopped at any cost. Now you have to save not only yourfather but the whole mankind, Krishna. Hello. Krishna? Grandma! Krishna, are you okay? Yes, Grandma l don’t know why l’m feeling worried. When are you coming back? Come back soon Yourfather’s death anniversary is nearing, you need to be here and fulfill the duties of a son. l remember, Grandma. don’t worry. l’ll fulfill all the duties of a son. WELCOME TO THE FUTURE Congratulations Sir! See, Rohit l’ve won! Now if you want you can end your life. Or do you want me to help? But what’s the hurry? At least see how your invention is going to make me God! Rohit, we built this computer so that we can see ourfuture and change it! l will also change my future and show you Today itself! Dr Arya’s gone to look forthe masked man Masked man? Kristian! Krishna Look Dr Arya! Come on, let’s go! What had Kristian done? Why kill him? Dr Arya has probably started the computer and, he must’ve seen. His future! lt will be just as Dr Arya has seen. l’ve changed my future! l’ve changed my tomorrow! There is no mask any longer. Henceforth the new face of God is. Dr Siddhant Arya! How is this possible? l’ve killed him with my own hands. Then.who’s this? lts : there and it’s here. This means, he’ll be here in the next minutes. that means he is already on the island! Stop! To capture him we need planning not power. Dr. Arya has kept very tight security everywhere on the island. You’re good! Very good. But l’m better Yes, l am better Because l have seen the future. But due to lack of time what l couldn’t see is what l want to know. Why do you want to kill me? And why do you want to rescue Rohit Mehra? Who are you? Come to me and give me the answer. come! l’ve told you, l have seen the future And l know who is with me. Hello! and who is against me So.please cooperate Who are you? We’ll get to know right now. Who.are you? Your son.Krishna! Mom. Thank you, Jadoo. Thank you