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You’re roaming through ‘skyladiko’ clubs to find a Stella who went away Games and I’m roaming through skyladiko clubs without essentially knowing what I’m looking for. It’s like we’re doing the same job. Like searching for the same thing. Is it true that Games you’d got the hots for Stella? Yes, it’s true. Stella is a real cool bird. Anyone would have got the hots for her. In the beginning I thought she was a ‘commonly shared’ bird. I didn’t know you were together. She is not a commonly shared bird! You are mistaken. She was with me. Are you sure she sings in Xanthi? That’s what I heard. How many clubs are there in Xanthi? It will be easy to find out. You’re a nice bloke after all. And imagine that the first time I saw you with Stella from afar I took you for an arsehole. I didn’t get what you’re exactly looking for in the Skyladiko clubs. I don’t know what exactly. I wrote a novel about skyladiko clubs. I wanted to get to know the atmosphere Games and I got stuck. I didn’t ask you that. The other thing you said about the guide Games We record the night clubs all over Greece. A whiskey brand Games I can’t tell you which for now Games is sponsoring this job, to have a guide printed. No big money, mind you. Hardly enough for my expenses. I don’t see this as a job. I like nightlife. I like being in motion Games not staying at the same place. What’s the name of the novel you’ve written? It’s not published yet. I’m still looking for a publisher. It is named ‘This Night Remains’ This night remains For us to be together This night remains For us to be together You’ll go away from me before the morning comes This night remains You could become my assistant. A novelist’s assistant? No, mate! For the guide! My love, you’ll go away It’s written in the stars But as long as I live in this world I’ll be waiting for you We’d better go. It’s going to rain. How are you financially? I can manage for a couple of weeks. It depends on the expenses. Two rooms please. You’re lucky, boys. A double room has just been made available.