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to split the game into two halves. In the first half, it’s the main event Games the United States against North Korea. In the second half, Dennis is mixing up the teams so both North Koreans and Americans will play side by side, a nice touch that will hopefully underline the real importance of the trip Games bringing the people of two nations, divided in so many ways, closer together. But first, can the ex-NBA players beat a team of eager, hungry, young North Koreans keen to please their Marshal? Speaking to the U.S. coach, he seems more worried about his own team’s fitness levels than those of the opposition. Just do a lot of rotations, get everyone in the game early so they get a feel for the court and surroundings. Just so they can get comfortable out there so we’ll do a lot of substituting. If guys are really tired, we’ll get ’em out early and get ’em back in sooner. The U.S. players start by trying to use their height advantage. But their handling lets them down. The North Koreans’ response is to use their own advantage Games speed. They move the ball fast, stay out of reach and shooting from outside the -point arc. The Americans register their first points. The cool head and hands of Doug christie and a bank shot from vin Baker. They’re back in the game, which is more physical than they’d expected. North Korea continued to dominate. Playing a pass-and-move style of basketball, which catches the Americans flat-footed and defending too deep to prevent a succession of -point shots. Rattled, the visitors call a time-out to take stock and catch their breath. Charles Smith and the rest of the team are starting to realize what Dennis knew all along Games these guys can shoot. The hosts up the tempo again. Their decision making and hand speed too much for an aging team, including an out-of-condition Dennis. At the end of the first period, with the Americans trailing by Dennis bows out to enjoy watching the rest of the game with his friend Kim Jong-Un. The second quarter brings more of the same. The U.S.