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Aye. Flame lgnites Danny, l l have something to say to you. I’ve been up all night, and I I’ve written ya a letter. Paper Rustling ”Dear Danny, ”It’s taken me years to learn to live without you, ”and I don’t believe that here in this place you can ever be mine. ”It’s not possible because too many people are gonna get hurt. ”I have to protect those I love. ”I’m so sorry, Danny. God bless you. Yours always, Maggie.” What do you want ? I’m askin’ you to walk away. I don’t think so. You made a promise. What was that ? You said if I asked you to leave, you’d leave. Mmm, aye. Well, I’m askin’. Have you been threatened ? Why do you say that ? Have you ? I do have a mind of my own, Danny. I know I might very well be losin’ it, but I do have a mind of my own. Is it your father ? Is it Joe ? No, Danny. It’s Harry, isn’t it ? Is it Harry ? Tell me. Just in’ tell me. Don’t, Danny. You don’t understand. Half my in’ life I pissed away and all the good things in it… because of that sickly bastard and his dirty little, cozy little, in’ secret world and all the dirt in it. And now he’s tryin’ to turn us into a dirty little secret. So, him ! Let him know that I love you, Maggie. Go out and tell him now. Go and in’ tell him. I’ll not crawl around in the in’ gutter for him ! I’ll kill him first. I’ll rip his in’ throat out ! Don’t go outside. That’s what he wants you to do. That’s what he wants me to do, and I’ll in’ do it ! Liam burnt down the gym. He saw us together. What are you talkin’ about ? He thinks you’re gonna take me away from him. Dear God. God help him. When he was born, Danny, I held him in my arms, and it made everything all right. I can’t hurt him. Come here. I’m not a killer, Maggie. But this place makes me want to kill. Oh, I wish we could stay like this for forever. You still have it. What ? My soul… for what it’s worth. We can store the stuff in here till we get the gym goin’ again. I’m goin’ to London, lke. I’m takin’ that fight. It’s a bloody circus, and you’re their performin’ monkey. We’ll stay here.Super Cute Chicken Koop, Super Cute Chicken Koop Games, Play Super Cute Chicken Koop Games