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Hammer Pounding What the hell do you think you’re doing ? This is my home. Pounding Continues Sean Is that his old house ? Man Aye. Banging Banging Continues How’s it goin’, scrapper ? Chuckling How’s the head ? Fine. You’re out. Good behavior. You were never accused of that before. You missed the boat, scrapper. I’d no watch. You know Joe wanted you out of town. This is my home. You’re gonna live here ? Aye. You’re a strange man, Danny. All you had to do was walk across a prison corridor… and shake hands with some of your old friends in the I.R.A. Snubbin’ people is not nice. But you never named names, and that’s why you’re a healthy man. Understand ? What are you lookin’ at ? lt’s not my fault you got caught. You should have run away. Why is he back ? I don’t know. Why the should I know ? Is it Maggie ? No, he wouldn’t have the balls for that. Laughing So you say. No, he knows he’d get a in’ bullet in the head. Say, ”Bye-bye.” Bye-bye. Children Chattering Chattering Continues Just wait a wee minute there. I’ll see if the community center’s open. Doorman Okay. Come on in. Old Man # Come on, come on. Are you gonna deal or what ? Old Man # Ah, take time. Take your time. Chattering Continues Young Flynn, isn’t it ? What happened to the ring ? Chuckles That packed out years ago. I think it’s stuck under thon stage there. Chattering Boy There’s a man standing there. There’s been an approach… to the community center. Danny Flynn wants to set up a gym there. What do you think ? Boxin’ ? Boxin’. Jumping Rope Sighs Sighing Continues Jumping Rope Continues You’re in good shape. Sighs It’s been a few years since this stuff’s seen the light of day. Grunting Grunting Continues Hammer Banging Did you see this, lke ? Old Man # You years ago. Your face wasn’t so red. Aye, he was a tough man, Ike. Ah, there’s young Joey Fitzsimons. Old Man # And young McCormack. He’s dead too. Children Chattering, Laughing Chattering Continues Show us your jab. Hey. Laughing Ma, I’m goin’ to Ned’s. Super Cute Monkey