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That sounds mysterious. I don’t mean to sound that way. You seem like a man with a lot of experience. Do i? Yes. How? Somehow very thoughtful. Deep. Do you have a cigarete? I don’t smoke. I’m not deep. It’s not that i’m so very thoughtful either. It’s just, you know game i’m tired. You’re being modest. I think we should be heading back. Are you through here? Ye , i’m all finished. I want to dig up this tree. Why? I want to transplant it. Are the broads interesting? Yes, the broads are interesting. Do i pay you sit around talking french all day? Is it a black chair? Move over. How did it go? I’m a free man, but i’m broke. What the hell are you learning french for anyway? It’s a beautiful language. Ye , well, so’s navajo. I got a date with the french checkout girl at the deli. She ain’t french. Sure she is. She is not. She’s italian. No way. She is. . What’s that motorcycle doing out there? Some guy brought it in here earlier. Wants to sell it to us. Does it run? Needs a new clutch assembly. Who was this guy anyway? I never seen him before. He have the registration for it? I didn’t ask. He didn’t leave a phone number or anything? No, monsieur. You idiot. That motorcycle could be stolen. I don’t think this guy was a thief. Why not? He didn’t look like a thief. What was he like? He spoke french. Call in the license plate number. And make sure it hasn’t been reported stolen. Oui, monsieur. And stop that. Relax. Can i do anything? No. You know a lot about trees, huh? No more than anybody else, i suppose. It’s really just a hobby. You know, i was reading something, somewhere game something about how game something about, you know, how game trees are important. Ye , i guess they are. They help the atmosphere. They help replenish the ozone layer. That’s it. The ozone layer. Can you spread that burlap out of the ground a little, please? I guess it’s not good to cut down too many trees, huh? No, i guess not. I’m no scientist or anything. Itjust relaxes me to work with them. That’s what i need game a hobby. Keeps me busy,