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Super Dog Quiz Smells all wrong. This will slow us down. You get to the side, Marcie. I got to break some bones. What are you talking about, you silly? You just stay right there. Gentlemen, listen, I think I know what this is about, and I want you to know you’ll have no resistance from me. That blackjack you got in your hand could split somebody’s skull open. thunder rumbling bdythuds What the hell was that all about? You stay out of sight, now. You’ll be safe in Old Town. Meet me at the Three Sheets Hotel. Room . mumbles Onesix game Wait. Let’s get this over with. Don’t enjoy it too much, fellas. You made a fool of me, boy, right in front of the wrong people. You took your chances like we all did, and you lost. You have any idea how easy I kill little snots like you? Now, let’s see about that winning hand. Powerful men watch what happens at that table. I need them to know the price of defiance. Power is a fragile thing. It tolerates no threat. bones crunch grunts Defiance must be met with an example of the wages of defiance. panting You’d be smart to kill me now. I’ll do far worse than kill you, boy. tires screeching thunder rumbling screams in pain What you have encountered, boy, is power. Every time the wind blows cold and wet, that thing that was your hand will clutch at your leg in arthritic agony. Whenever it rains, you’ll remember me. You’ll remember me all the time game My son. Oh, yeah. I know who you are. I knew you were one of mine the minute I saw you, family resemblance, my boy. I don’t give a damn. I only had one real son, Ethan, may he rest in peace, and he could’ve been president. Did you really think that I was gonna claim you? scoffs Johnny You beat me, Roark. vehicle departing But when I get back it’ll be a whole different game. camera clicking It’s another hot night. dry and windless. The kind that makes people do sweaty, secret things. Things worth money to me. Joey This is the last time, Sally. This has got to be the last time. Sally You always say that. I mean it this time. Dwight She glides out of her coat like it