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Well, don’t be late. Are you all right ? Aye. Chattering, Laughing Congratulations, Peter. Harry. Joe Harry. Peter Mallon’s been elected to the army council. I’ve decided I need somebody more political. All operations are to be suspended from : tomorrow. Noon. Noon. Tomorrow. Tomorrow. Why ? We’re close to a deal, Harry. Includin’ the P.O.W.s ? Includin’ the P.O.W.s. So what are you offerin’, Joe ? Hmm ? Peace, Harry. Peace. Peace. I’m sure you can deliver, Joe. Left hand up. Huffing That’s it, man. Keep your legs moving. Your father’s a boxer too, isn’t he ? Aye. Huffing Continues Get your balance right. Move your head. Lift those punches. That’s it. And again. And again. That’s it. That’s it ! Good man. Hey. I see you’ve put up the ring. Aye. Looks great. Well, sweetheart, did you die just so Joe Hamill could sell us out ? Hmm ? Hmm ? Nothin’. Just talkin’ to myself. Bell Tolling : noon. Peace in Ireland. Car Horns Honking Shouting, Chattering Honking, Shouting Continue Trash Can Lids Banging Ma, it’s the cease-fire ! Newscaster There are continuing scenes… Bell Tolling of celebration on the streets of West Belfast, as : noon brought the long-awaited I.R.A. cease-fire. Protestant spokespersons opposed immediate movement… on the release of prisoners. You get to know who the troublemakers are quick enough. Just keep an eye on the tables. No one comes into the city center after dark, so you only have to work till : or so. You ever been to London ? Aye. I got a few contacts there. Come on. lke, where’s Danny ? He’s in the kitchen. Utensil Tinkling What’s goin’ on, Danny ? What do you mean ? I haven’t seen you in years, and now you’re right next door to me every day. And when I do see you, all I get from you is the odd grunt. Do you not think that’s strange ? Aye, it is strange. Oh, forget it, Danny. Ike Come on. Pick it up. That’s it. Good man. And again. Move him about. Chattering Beautiful. And again. Get the punches in. That’s it. And again. Keep your guard up, Danny ! Danny, come on in.Super Farm Care