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you do with those fish guts? Fertilizer. She wants to plant trees. Everything okay? Yes. So you run this place yourself, huh? Yes. How about a beer? Thanks. Where you guys from? Why? I’m expecting someone and i don’t know if they’re coming alone or not. We’re from new york. On vacation? We’re looking for a place called sagaponeck. What’s in sagaponeck? A house my father once lived in. If you guys need a place to stay, there’s that bungalow out there. I wouldn’t want to be in the way or anything. You wouldn’t be. I’d like you to stay. She’s pretty, huh? You going to her? Maybe. I think we should push on. Now? Ye . I’m tired. I think i’m going to rest for a while. Is this thing broken? Ye , it’s shot. There’s a gas station up the road a few miles, maybe we can get some money for it. Good idea. What are you doing? Looking for an address. You know they organized that book in alphabetical order. Oh, i know. All i have is the number, i don’t know who i’m looking for. You going to go through the whole goddamn book? There aren’t many numbers in it. Let me help you. You work here? No, i got a charter boat down at the pier. You known kate long? I’ve known her for a while. Her ex-husband jack, he used to own this place, but then he got in trouble with the law. When she divorced him the judge gave the place to her. Where’s this guy now? Jack? Ye . In jail. Came back a couple of years ago threatening to kill or something. Really? Jack’s nasty. I mean he’s my best friend and all but , enough’s enough. What happened? Somebody called the cops and they came and dragged him out of here. Then they found out he was wanted for something in pennsylvania. Wow! That’s your brother out there? Ye . Your older brother? Ye . You do whatever he says. No, not always. He looks bossy. He’s okay. He likes kate. You think so? Most men like kate. Do you? Yes, i do. You ought to see her in a bathing suit. But she won’t have nothing to do with me. She seems kind ofjumpy. Jumpy women are great. Ye , well, i wouldn’t know about that. No, i guess you wouldn’t.